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UXR100040G – 40kW1000V ClassB ACDC High-Protective Charging Module

Key features

  • Ultra-wide output voltage range,50~1000Vdc, suitable for different types of EVs.
  • Ultra-high output power within the 300V~1000V output voltage range, 40KW constant power output.
  • No current retraction in low voltage range, faster charging rate.
  • Built-in residual voltage releasing circuit, lower cost and higher reliability.
  • Industry-leading volume design with a power density of 46.7W/in³.




The UXR100040G is a fully potted charging module developed in accordance with the IEC 61851-23:2023 standard. It features ultra-high full-load operating temperature and an ultra-wide constant power range as its industry-leading advantages. It is characterized by high reliability due to its full potting process, which significantly enhances the module's lifespan and environmental adaptability. Additionally, it boasts high efficiency, a high power factor, high power density, a wide output voltage range, low noise, low standby power consumption, and excellent EMC performance.


Input Voltage 260Vac~530Vac,Three phase+PE
Input Current <80A
Output Power 40kW
Output Voltage Range 50Vdc~1000Vdc
Output Current Range 0A~133.3A
Dimensions 85mm(H)×360mm(W)×459mm(D)
Weight ≤ 20 kg


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