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Next-Generation Electric Vehicle Charging Solution
Drive Electric, Charge Smarter
Provider of new energy vehicle charging products and solutions
Focus on new energy vehicle charging, energy storage, HVDC power system, and intelligent energy management system that match your brand and needs.
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Fleet Charging Solution

Business Charging Solution

Home Charging Solution

Easily transform to a sustainably e-mobility future.

Our Products

As an industry-leading EV charger manufacturer and charging station supplier, Winline has nearly 20 years of experience in research, development, and production in the field of power electronics, participating in the investment, design, construction, facility supply, and operation of over 100 charging parks globally. Our product lines include EV charger modules, DC EV chargers, fast charging stations, and energy storage cabinets.

EV Charging Modules

EV Charging Module: AC to DC charging module, DC to DC charging module, liquid cooling charging module

EV Charger and Battery

EV Charging and Switching Series: DC EV charger, AC charger, Switching Series.

Energy Storage Products

EMS product, PCS module, STS product, energy storage cabinet.


Winline is an international provider of EV charging solutions and new generation power system solutions. As one of the best EV charger manufacturers on the market, we have more than 280,000 charging terminals and over 800,000 EV charging modules serving electric vehicles in nearly 40 countries and regions worldwide.

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Application scenarios of Winline’s EV charging module & fast charging station

Our ultra fast charging stations are commonly applied in taxi and bus EV charging, public EV charging and enterprises, and commercial complexes. Check out our fleet EV charging and business charging solution here.

Commercial Complex

Taxi & Bus

Public Charging station

Freight Vehicles & Special Vehicle

Enterprises and Institution

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