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UXC95050B-20kW 950V DC-DC Isolated Bi-directional Charging Module

Key features

  • Wide working output voltage:200V~950V for DC bus side,200V~950V for battery side
  • Bidirectional fast switching
  • Full-load working efficiency ≥98.5%
  • High power density of 45.4W/in³


UXC95050B data sheet



UXC95050B power module is a DC-DC module designing for direct micro-grid. This module has competitive advantage in wide range of voltage and high efficiency. It also contains high level of protection, power density and wide range of working temperature as core features.UXC95050B can be widely used in interaction between DC bus side and battery side, such as energy storage, PV, ESS and charging, battery cascade utilization, data center and other multi-energy complementary scenarios.



DC Bus side Voltage Range 200Vdc~950Vdc
Current Range 0~40A
Battery side Voltage Range 200Vdc~950Vdc
Current Range 0~40A
  Dimensions 85mm(H)×226mm(W)×376mm(D)
Weight ≤ 9.5kg

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