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UXC100040-40kW 1000V Isolate Unidirectional DC-DC Charging Module

  • Well protection with a semi-independent airflow design
  • Wide input constant power from 500 to 850Vdc
  • Ultra-wide output voltage range of 50-1000Vdc
  • EMC Class B
  • Full load efficiency>97.5%




UXC100040 is a high-power isolation unidirectional DC-DC charging module, with ultra wide input and output voltage range, ultra-wide input and output voltage constant power range, but also has the characteristics of high protection, high efficiency. The product is widely applied in scenarios such as integrated PV energy storage charging stations, multi-vehicle DC charging stations, wind/solar energy primary stage conversion (MPPT), mobile robot charging, retired battery secondary utilization, and mobile charging vehicles.


Input Voltage 200Vdc~850Vdc, DC input +PE
Input Current <110A
Output Power 40KW
Output Voltage Range 50Vdc~1000Vdc
Output Current Range 0A~133.3A
Dimensions 85mm(H)×360mm(W)×459mm(D)
Weight ≤ 20 kg


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