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LCR100040A-40kW@1000V Liquid Cooling Charging Module

Key features:

  • Full liquid cooling technology
  • Hydroelectric separation design
  • Wide constant power range of 300-1000V
  • Full-load efficiency exceeds 95.5%


LCR100040A Data Sheet



LCR100040A is a high-frequency isolated liquid-cooled AC/DC charging module with core advantages such as ultra-wide voltage range, ultra-high full load liquid cooling operating temperature, super high efficiency. Suitable for harsh environments such as coastal areas and mining areas, with strong environmental adaptability.



Input Voltage 260~530 VAC, 3-Phase+PE, 45~65Hz
Input Current <80A
Output Voltage Range 100Vdc~1000Vdc
Output Current Range 0A~133.3A
Dimensions 340mm(H)×100mm(W)×470mm(D)
Weight ≤ 28 kg

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