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UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module

Key features

  • Ultra wide output voltage of 100~1000Vdc, suitable for different types EVs
  • Ultra high output power under 300V~1000V output voltage, 40KW constant power output
  • Full-load working efficiency≥5%, high efficiency in full working range
  • Semi-independent air duct design
  • High power density of 46.7W/in³


NXR100040B Data Sheet



UXR100040B-40kW 1000V DC Charging Module is a innovation for EV charger power modules. Designed for global markets, it embodies high efficiency, reliability, and versatility. It’s compliant with European and American standards such as IEC61851 and UL2202, with electromagnetic compatibility meeting Class B requirements. With high power density of 46.7W/in³, this EV charger power module is ideal choice for EV chargers. Check out the details of the best power modules for EV chargers and DC fast charging stations below.


Input Voltage 260Vac~530Vac,Three phase+Protective Earth
Input Current <80A
Output Power 40kW@output voltage≥300Vdc
Output Voltage Range 100Vdc~1000Vdc
Output Current Range 0A~133.3A
Dimensions 85mm(H)×360mm(W)×459mm(D)
Weight ≤ 20 kg


FAQs of the EV Charger Power Module 

  1. What voltage do DC fast charging stationsuse?

Level 1 AC charging uses a standard 120 volt AC electric circuit. Level 2 AC charging uses a 208/240 volt AC electric circuit. Direct-current fast charger (DCFC), sometimes referred to as a Level 3 DC charging, uses a 3-phase 480 volt AC electric circuit but delivers direct current (DC) to the vehicle.

  1. How does the UXR100040B EV charger power moduleimprove the EV charging experience?

Winline’s power module for EV charger is engineered for high efficiency and reliability, meaning you can enjoy faster charging times without compromising on performance or safety. Its compact design and advanced cooling system also make it an ideal choice for EV charging stations, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free charging experience for fleet EV charging。

  1. What benefits does thisDC EV charger module offer to EV charging station?

As a professional EV charger manufacturer, we’ll only produce products with international standards for safety and interoperability. This EV charger module’s high efficiency and reliability translate to lower operating costs and increased customer satisfaction, making it a valuable investment for your business.

  1. Is this EVcharger power module easy to install and integrate into my DC fast charging stations?

Yes, this EV charger module is designed for easy installation and integration into fast charging stations. Its compact size and lightweight design minimize space requirements and simplify installation, while its compatibility with standard input voltages and currents ensures seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

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