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NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V DC Charging Module

Key features

  • Wide output voltage of 500~1000Vdc, suitable for different types EVs
  • Ultra low standby power consumption
  • Full-power working temperature from -40 to 60℃;
  • Full-load working efficiency≥ 5%


NXR1K020H data sheet



NXR1K020H is a charging module designed to overcome the bottleneck of charging station industry with prominent advantages of ultra-high full load working temperature and ultra-wide constant power range in the industry. At the same time, key features of this module include high reliability, high efficiency, high power factor, high power density, wide output voltage range, low noise, low standby power consumption and good EMC performance.



Dimensions 85mm(H)×226mm(W)×390mm(D)
Weight ≤11kg
Input Voltage 285Vac~475Vac,Three phase+PE
Input Current <40A
Output Power 20kW@output voltage≥300Vdc
Output Voltage Range 50V~1000Vdc
Output Current Range 0A~67A

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