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NX series 60-400kW GBT DC Charging Station (Low Noise)

Key features

  • High reliability and performance
  • Multiple protection functions for safety
  • User-friendly design with intuitive interface
  • Support for various communication methods


NX Series 60-400kW GBT DC Charging station(Noise Reduction Version)data sheet



The product features multiple protection functions, with dual safety measures for input and output, enabling real-time monitoring of the charging cable connection status to ensure the safety of individuals and vehicles during the charging  process.  Additionally,  it  excels in noise reduction.

The product  can  be  optionally  equipped  with functions such as smoke sensing, water immersion detection, heating, and anti-tilt to enhance its performance.  Personalized  interface  display  and control guidance functions make charging operations more convenient. It provides various communication interfaces such as Ethernet and GPRS for real-time communication with monitoring  centers  and operational  management  centers,  facilitating  real- time monitoring of charging status.


Rated power 60kW 80kW 120kW 160kW 240kW 400kW
Input voltage 380VAC±15%,3P+N+PE
Input frequency 45Hz-65Hz
Output Voltage range 200-1000Vdc
Output Constant power range 300-1000Vdc
Output Max current per connector 200A 250A 250A 250A 250A 250A
Operating temperature -20 ~ +50°C

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