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Electree Cactus 30-40kW DC Charging Station

Electree Cactus 30-40kW DC Charging Station

Key features

  • This product is designed for destination charging where people don’t rush in time but want to enjoy faster charging
    speed than AC charger.
  • It fully meets the requirements of European standard of DC charging.
  • The product has multiple protection design and active protective function, which can monitor all communication
    data in the charging process then give early warning to all kinds of abnormal charging to ensure the safety of users and vehicles.


Electree Cactus 30-40kW data sheet


Introduction of EV Fast Charging Stations

Electree Cactus 30-40kW DC EV charging stations are designed for destination charging scenarios, our EV fast charging stations combine fast charging speeds with convenience, ensuring a seamless charging experience for EV owners. As a industry-leading charging station supplier, we dedicated in crafting fleet EV charging stations and other DC EV chargers for multiple applications.


Rated power 30kW 40kW
Input Voltage 400VAC±10%,3P+N+PE
Output Voltage 200-1000Vdc
Output Current 30kW 100A 40kW 133A
Operating temperature -30 ~ +50°C
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
EVSE PLC (DIN 70121: 2014-12 / ISO15118)
Back-end protocol Ethernet, 4G, OCPP 1.6J, OCPP 2.0(upgradeable)
Certification CE & UKCA & CB & TR25


FAQs of EV Fast Charging Stations


  1. Is the Electree Cactus DC Charging Station suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations?

Yes, this EV fast charging station is designed for versatility and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Whether it's installed in parking lots, shopping centers, or corporate campuses, its robust construction and weatherproof design ensure reliable operation in various environments.


  1. Can the Electree Cactus be integrated with existing EV charging infrastructure?

Yes, the Electree Cactus EV fast charging stations is compatible with existing EV charging infrastructure, including DC EV chargers and DC EV charging stations. Its compliance with European standards and wide output voltage range make it easy to integrate into charging networks, allowing for seamless interoperability with other charging solutions.

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