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Winline’s EV Power Module: Unlocking Efficient and Versatile Charging Solutions

We are pleased to present our NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V DC Charging Module as a top brand. Our EV power module’s wide output voltage range, ultra-low standby power consumption, wide operating temperature range, and high efficiency make it ideal for providing effective and flexible charging.

Wide Output Voltage for Compatibility

Winline’s EV power module offers a wide output voltage range of 500~1000Vdc, making it suitable for different types of electric vehicles. Whether you’re charging a hybrid electric vehicle or a fully electric vehicle, our EV power module provides the necessary flexibility to adapt to varying voltage requirements. With Winline, you can enjoy a seamless and compatible charging experience for your electric vehicle.


Ultra-Low Standby Power Consumption

Energy efficiency is a top priority in the realm of electric charging. Our EV power module is designed with ultra-low standby power consumption, ensuring minimal energy wastage when not in use. By prioritizing energy efficiency, we aim to reduce environmental impact and optimize the overall charging process. With Winline’s EV power module, you can experience efficient charging without unnecessary energy consumption.


Wide Operating Temperature Range and High Efficiency

Winline‘s EV power module is engineered to perform in various environmental conditions. With a full-power working temperature range from -40 to 60℃, our module ensures reliable operation even in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, our EV power module boasts a full-load working efficiency of ≥ 5%, maximizing the charging efficiency and minimizing energy loss. Trust Winline for efficient and consistent charging performance, regardless of the ambient temperature.



Winline’s EV power module is a game-changer in the realm of efficient and versatile charging solutions. With its wide output voltage range, ultra-low standby power consumption, wide operating temperature range, and high efficiency, our EV power module delivers optimal performance and compatibility for various electric vehicles. Choose Winline as your preferred provider of cutting-edge charging solutions and unlock the power of efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging.

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