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Reliable and Versatile Charging Options for Electric Mobility

Introducing Winline, the industry leader in DC charger technology for electric cars. We are excited to present our 360KW Split DC Fast Charging Station as a committed supplier of cutting-edge charging solutions. Our DC chargers are built to satisfy international standards and come with cutting-edge technologies that provide unmatched performance, adaptability, and user-friendliness.

High-Powered CLASS B Modules for Efficient Charging

At Winline, we prioritize efficiency in our DC chargers. Our 360KW Split DC Fast Charging Station features -40kW CLASS B modules in the power cabinet. This high-powered configuration ensures rapid and efficient charging for electric vehicles, minimizing charging times and maximizing convenience. With Winline’s DC chargers, you can experience the power of fast charging without compromising on efficiency.


Split Charger for Global Applications

We understand the need for global compatibility in the electric vehicle charging industry. Our DC chargers are designed as split chargers, adhering to IEC standards, making them suitable for global applications. Whether you’re charging a vehicle with CCS1, CCS2, or CHAdeMO charging interfaces, our DC chargers have you covered. Winline offers the flexibility and versatility you need to meet the charging needs of vehicles with various international standards.


Dynamic Star-Ring Power Distribution and Intelligent Scheduling

Efficient power distribution and intelligent scheduling are vital for optimizing charging capabilities. Our DC chargers feature dynamic star-ring power distribution, allowing for intelligent scheduling of charging for each module. This innovative design ensures efficient use of power and maximizes the charging capacity of the station. With Winline’s DC chargers, you can enjoy intelligent and optimized charging for a seamless electric vehicle charging experience.



Winline’s DC chargers are at the forefront of efficient and global fast charging solutions. With their high-powered CLASS B modules, split charger design, support for multiple charging interfaces, dynamic star-ring power distribution, and user-friendly design, our DC chargers empower you with efficient and versatile charging capabilities. Trust Winline as your preferred provider of cutting-edge charging solutions and embrace the convenience and sustainability of electric mobility.

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