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Winline Technology Earns Prestigious Recognition at 2024 China Charging and Swapping Industry Event

On May 22nd, China Charging and Swapping Industry Top 10 Brands Awards Ceremony 2024, hosted by China Charging Pile Network, was grandly held in Shanghai.

China Charging and Swapping Industry Top 10 Brands Awards Ceremony,  one of the most authoritative and professional brand evaluation events in China’s charging industry, aiming to present and uncover the most promising enterprise brands in the charging field.

In this gathering of elite professionals from the Chinese charging and swapping industry, Shenzhen Winline was Awarded as the”Top 10 Liquid-Cooling Charging Pile Brand ” and the” Top 10  Core Module Brand “of China Charging & Battery Swapping Industry in 2024!

Receiving industry accolades once again not only validates Winline Technology’s technical expertise but also motivates Winline to forge ahead. Winline Technology will continue to focus on to the field of electric vehicle charging, striving to provide smarter solutions for electric vehicle charging and swapping solutions worldwide. 

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