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Powering the Future of Electric Vehicles

Greetings from Winline, where we lead the electric vehicle charging sector. We are thrilled to present our cutting-edge EV Charging Module as a top supplier of cutting-edge charging solutions. Our EV Charging Modules, like the Electree Cypress 120-160kW Super-Fast Charging Station, are made to suit the high-power DC charging needs of cars with European and Japanese standard DC interfaces. They are renowned for their exceptional performance and dependability.

Enhanced Data Calculation and Processing Capacity

At Winline, we understand the importance of efficient data calculation and processing in EV charging. Our EV Charging Module is equipped with more powerful data calculation and processing capacity, ensuring rapid and accurate charging performance. This advanced capability allows for seamless communication between the charging station and the electric vehicle, optimizing the charging process for maximum efficiency. Experience the power of enhanced data capabilities with Winline’s cutting-edge EV Charging Module.



Comprehensive Safety and Protection Features

Safety is our top priority at Winline. Our EV Charging Module is designed with multiple protection features and active monitoring functions. Throughout the charging process, our module continuously monitors all communication data, providing early warnings for any abnormal charging situations. This ensures the safety of both users and vehicles, offering peace of mind during every charging session. Trust in Winline’s EV Charging Module to deliver a secure and reliable charging experience.


Superior Heat Dissipation and Noise Reduction

Efficient heat dissipation and noise reduction are crucial for optimal charging performance. Our EV Charging Module incorporates advanced heat dissipation technology, ensuring better heat dissipation performance. This minimizes the risk of overheating, maintaining stable charging operations. Additionally, we have prioritized noise reduction, providing a quieter charging experience. With Winline’s EV Charging Module, you can enjoy efficient and discreet charging while minimizing noise disturbances.



Winline’s EV Charging Module is revolutionizing the electric vehicle charging landscape. With its enhanced data calculation and processing capacity, comprehensive safety features, superior heat dissipation, and noise reduction capabilities, our EV Charging Module sets a new standard for charging performance. Choose Winline as your trusted partner in powering the future of electric mobility. Experience the efficiency, reliability, and safety of our cutting-edge EV Charging Module.

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