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Powering Efficient and Reliable Charging Solutions

We are pleased to present our Electree Cypress 120-160kW Super-Fast Charging Station as a top brand. This charging station, which was created especially for the European market, has strong data processing and calculating capabilities, more intelligent dispatching techniques, improved heat dissipation performance, reduced noise levels, and complete compliance with DC interface standards from both Europe and Japan. Our charging station puts user and vehicle safety first with its many protection designs and active protective features. Come along as we go over our 150kW DC fast charger‘s main features and see how Winline can improve your charging experience.

Enhanced Data Calculation and Processing Capacity

At Winline, we understand the importance of efficient data calculation and processing in charging stations. Our Electree Cypress charging station is equipped with more powerful data calculation and processing capacity, ensuring smooth and accurate charging operations. With advanced technology at its core, our DC fast charger optimizes the charging process and delivers efficient and reliable charging for electric vehicles.


Smarter Dispatching Strategies for Efficient Charging

Efficiency is a top priority when it comes to electric vehicle charging. Our Electree Cypress charging station features smarter dispatching strategies, allowing for optimized charging sessions. By intelligently managing charging resources, our charger ensures that each vehicle receives the necessary power for fast and reliable charging. Trust our DC fast charger for smart and efficient charging solutions.


Comprehensive Safety and Protection Features

Safety is paramount in the world of electric vehicle charging. Our Electree Cypress charging station is designed with multiple protection features and active protective functions. These measures actively monitor communication data during the charging process, providing early warnings for any abnormal charging situations. With our DC fast charger, you can have peace of mind knowing that your safety, as well as the safety of your vehicle, is our top priority.



Winline’s Electree Cypress 120-160kW Super-Fast Charging Station is a game-changer in the realm of efficient and reliable charging solutions. With its enhanced data calculation and processing capacity, smarter dispatching strategies, and comprehensive safety features, our charging station delivers optimal performance for electric vehicle charging needs. Choose us as your preferred provider of cutting-edge charging solutions and experience the power of efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging.

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