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Makan Optical Energy Storage Charging Station in Nanshan District,Shenzhen.

Winline Technology brings advanced and leading techniques from PV power and energy story into EV charging industry.Winline and Shenzhen Pengcheng Taxi Ltd. invest and cooperate in Makan light storage and charging station together.There are 25 Fast DC chargers piled with PV 42.135kW and 1MWh energy storage system produced by Winline. This station has capacity to serve 300 EV taxis and buses daily.The utiliaztion of PV carport with no emission, no noise, no pollution, provides green and eco-friendly clean energy; also brings sustainable economic benefits, and environmental protection. It has many advantages to use retired stationary batteries to build energy storage systems at charging stations, like cost management in charging—reducing electricity costs during daytime peaks, and using off-grid operation mode for emergency charging of EVs when the power grid fails. It can achieve the cascade utilization usage of retired batteries.This scheme will protect the environment and reduce the cost of electricity in operation, also meet the demand for emergency charging of EVs.The combination of PV power generation, energy storage and charging stations provides a new solution for energy saving and emission reduction in public transport and green low-carbon travel.

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