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Empowering Efficient Charging Solutions

Our charging station is equipped with several protection mechanisms, a user-friendly interface, dynamic power distribution, optional liquid- and air-cooled terminals, multiple communication ways, and multiple protective measures to fulfill the growing demand for quick and efficient charging. At Winline, our mission is to provide dependable and easy-to-use charging solutions to owners of electric vehicles.

Dynamic Power Distribution for Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is a top priority when it comes to electric vehicle charging. Our NX Series GBT Split DC Fast Charging Station features dynamic power distribution, ensuring that the available power is allocated to each charging session optimally. This means that each vehicle receives the necessary power for fast and efficient charging, reducing overall charging times and increasing convenience. Trust our DC fast charging stations for efficient and reliable charging performance.


Versatile Cooling Options for Enhanced Performance

To cater to different installation environments and charging requirements, our NX Series GBT Split DC Fast Charging Station offers optional air-cooled and liquid-cooled terminals. Whether you require a cooling solution that maximizes efficiency or one that can handle higher power outputs, Winline has you covered. Enjoy enhanced performance and flexibility with our cooling options, ensuring that your charging station operates at its best in any situation.


Comprehensive Protection and User-Friendly Interface

Safety and user experience are paramount in our charging stations. Our NX Series GBT Split DC Fast Charging Station is equipped with multiple protection functions to safeguard both the charging station and the electric vehicle. From overcurrent protection to short circuit protection, we prioritize the safety of users and their vehicles. Additionally, our charging station features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for electric vehicle owners to initiate charging sessions and monitor the charging process with ease.



Winline‘s NX Series 360-960kW GBT Split DC Fast Charging Station is a game-changer in the realm of efficient and reliable charging solutions. With dynamic power distribution, versatile cooling options, comprehensive protection functions, and a user-friendly interface, our charging station delivers optimal performance for electric vehicle charging needs. Choose Winline as your preferred provider of cutting-edge charging solutions and experience the power of efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging.

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