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The company was founded.


The relay protection products that were independently researched and developed by Winline the bidding for different power station projects in Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines, etc.


The photovoltaic lightning protection combiner box that was independently researched and developed and manufactured by Winline was widely used in the largest volt power station in stone forest ground in Asia in 2009.


Winline paticipate major scientific and technological research projects of megawatt photovoltaic grid-connected inverter in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen,China.


The first 500KW inverter that was independently researched and developed by Winline was connected to the grid to generate electricity in stone forest, and all acceptance indexes were superior to that of the industry standard.


Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen Municipality listed the megawatt inverter that was independently researched and developed by Winline as a major industrialization project.


The 500kW inverter that was independently researched and developed by Winline was awarded the title of “National Key New Product”; the first photovoltaic power station that was independently invested and built was put into operation in Gansu Province.


Winline has become a national high-tech enterprise; it was awarded the title of “Guangdong Province Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”; production base in Hebei Province was put into operation.


The self-developed YLSSL-500KW megawatt photovoltaic grid connected inverter has passed the certification of “China efficiency grade A”,and has been selected as that the “Leader” of photovoltaic grid connected inverter in the first batch.


The high-power DC charger that was independently researched and developed by Winline was one of the first batch to pass the latest international standard certification test and was successfully applied to large-scale electric bus charging stations.


By adopting the latest products and technical solutions of Winline, and in accordance with the design concept of “integrated photovoltaic, energy storage and charging”, Winline has invested in the construction of nearly 40 large-scale electric vehicle charging stations in Shenzhen, which helps Shenzhen Bus become the first large-scale pure electric bus enterprise in China; Winline has been approved to set up the post doctoral innovation practice base in Shenzhen.


NXR series constant power charging power modules that was independently researched and developed by Winline and was in the leading level in the industry was officially launched; Winline successfully held the seminar on technology and standard preparation of off-board competitive power module for electric vehicles; super constant power modules entered the two-network system.


Winline participated in the drafting and preparation of high-power standards between China and Japan; our company became a joint training base for practice of postgraduate and doctoral students from Zhejiang University; we identified the “integration of IT application with industrialization” standard; household energy storage and charging products were exported to Japan and South Korea since Nov 2019.


The 40KW charging module of the new generation of Chaoji charging technology was launched in the market in the world; it was listed as the top 100 “new infrastructure” industry unicorns in 2020,and recognized a national SPECIALIZED and NEW "little giant" enterprise by the Ministry of industry and information technology.